how many music supervisors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

two. one to screw in the light bulb and one to place 'hallelujah' in the scene.

alexandra put me in my place
she put a straight arm to my face
she made it clear she don't like me
hallelujah's her cup of tea
in her shop you'll sign releases
then she'll chop your heart to pieces
alexandra won't have coffee with me
hallelujah's her cup of tea
place me a placemat at your table
place me anywhere if you’re able
i'm obsessed with you but not unstable
broadcast movies internet cable
stories legends myths and fables
it's clear you're right ms. patsavas
you're the expert and i'm the novice
to be honest all i want is
to remove you from your bodice
she's a mediterranean beauty
i do my subterranean duty
i sent my heart to her unsolicited
she sent it back unopened that's what she did
alexandra oh oh
don't you know that no mean no?
place me anywhere if you're able
hallelujah's her cup of tea